DesignSafe and Jupyter web tutorial 5/3/2017

Start time: 03 May, 2017 14:00 EDT
End time: 03 May, 2017 16:00 EDT

This tutorial will begin with an introduction to DesignSafe and Jupyter. Once a basic foundation is presented, DesignSafe researcher Nasser Marafi, University of Washington, will provide a detailed walkthrough of how he was able to integrate his research into DesignSafe using a variety of tools.

Please see the following link to register for the event:

Registrants will be contacted via email shortly before the event with connection information for the webinar.

About NHERI and DesignSafe:

The Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) is a NSF funded, distributed, multi-user, national facility that provides the natural hazards engineering community with state-of-the-art research infrastructure.

DESIGNSAFE CYBERINFRASTRUCTURE (DesignSafe) is the CI component of the NHERI collaboration. DesignSafe embraces a “cloud” strategy for the “big data” generated in natural hazards engineering research. It supports research workflows, data analysis and visualization, and the full lifecycle of data required by engineers and scientists to effectively address the threats posed to civil infrastructure by natural hazards.

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