Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Attendee FAQs

Where can I download presentation slides from Gateways 2016?

Slides are available for download in the program.

Are papers available for download?

We hope to have them posted by January through Figshare’s conference collection service, which will include a DOI if you want to refer people to your own paper presentations. We will post details as soon as they are available.

Is there any video available from the conference?

Yes! The two keynote talks, as well as the Lessons Learned Panel, can be found on our YouTube page.

I attended the conference and need a registration receipt. How can I obtain a copy?

Please send an email to Cindy Wong ( at the San Diego Supercomputer Center to request a receipt.

Presenter FAQs

How long and when is my presentation?

The standard presentation length is 20 minutes (15-minute presentation plus 5-minute Q&A) unless otherwise noted.

Papers will be presented in the order listed in the program. We request that each presenter either bring a laptop or let us know if you will be bringing a USB drive with your slides. The first presenter should try to arrive at the room 5 minutes early, and each subsequent presenter should use the 5-minute interval of Q&A to set up your presentation. There will be a timekeeper who can also help with laptop setup.

What are the screen resolutions and connectors in conference rooms?

Please check the program for the location of your presentation. The projector resolutions are widescreen, but most computers should properly display a non-widescreen presentation on these projectors, if that’s what you prefer. Specifically, the projectors are as follows:

  • SDSC Auditorium: 1280 x 768 resolution (VGA connector)
  • RIMAC Green Room: Up to 1920 x 1080 resolution (a.k.a. 1080p or HD) if using HDMI; VGA also available
  • SDSC Synthesis Center, E-145, and Room 408: 1920 x 1080 resolution (a.k.a. 1080p or HD)

If you need an adapter for VGA, please remember to bring it.

How should I tailor my presentation for this audience?

This conference will be a multidisciplinary event, bringing together researchers and educators who are seeking technologies and solutions that can be applied to their specific situations. As a result, someone from a very different field may find your work to be translatable to their own project. To aid in knowledge sharing and transfer, here is some advice that came up regularly in reviews and we believe is applicable to all presentations.

  • Consider how the content of your presentation may be generalized or made useful to people outside your discipline.
  • Place your work in a bigger context; for example, how does your approach differ or learn from that used by other science gateways?
  • Identify a few “lessons learned” that would be helpful for others following in your footsteps.
  • What resources or advice can you offer that others can take home from the conference?

How do I upload my slides after my presentation?

Please upload a PDF of your slides to

Programs like PowerPoint allow you to either “Save As” or “Export” a PDF file of your slides.

Please label your slides with your last name and the first 3 or 4 words of your title.

What do poster presenters need to know?

IMPORTANT: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PRINTING YOUR OWN POSTER AND BRINGING IT TO THE CONFERENCE. Please print the poster with the same dimensions as the file you uploaded, as we used those dimensions for determining how to fit all the posters in the room. Your submitted PDF was for our planning purposes and for sharing as part of the conference materials.

The Reception and Poster Session begins at 5:45pm on Wednesday, Nov. 2, at the Ida and Cecil Green Faculty Club, which is a 10-minute walk from the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), where the conference’s daytime program ends at 5:30pm. Maps to the venue are on our website and will be in the Conference Booklet.

Please try to have your poster set up by 6:00pm and plan to spend at least one hour at your poster to talk with attendees. Food, beverages, dessert, and a cash bar will be available.

There will be several Poster Session Chairpeople available to help you set up your poster. Posters will be assigned poster numbers, to be listed in the Conference Booklet that you will receive when you sign in at the conference registration table. Poster boards will have 1 or 2 posters on each side. Binder clips will be provided for attaching your poster to the board.


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