Job Opportunity – Software Engineer/Programmer II at University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (posted 11/2016)

The Software Engineer/Programmer II at University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) fulfills the following duties:

Collaborates as a member of an Agile software delivery team on the design, implementation and support of early implementation and production-level scientific data systems. Interacts with project stakeholders, end users and technologists to identify, describe and refine software requirements.  Responsible for the development and support of complex, distributed and cloud-based scientific data management and analysis software systems.  Contributes to the full product lifecycle including: integrates technology within complex data information systems; works within multi-organizational collaborations; and interacts with users, scientists and data providers to build user centered products.

  • Works on the full-lifecycle development of software systems for managing, accessing, and analyzing geo-scientific data and knowledge. Contributes as a member of an Agile team to specify and implement system design, manage and document multi-component software codebases, and evaluate and identify technologies. Collaborates with team members, end users and project stakeholders to design and develop solutions to complex problems.  Responsible for estimating, developing, testing, presenting and delivering software components based on team objectives.
  • Executes a variety of tasks as needed in support of operating in-development and production-level systems (data portals, analysis workflows and services). Tasks may include application deployment, public and private cloud provisioning, and management of system configuration and resources. Participates in running, debugging and monitoring software processes and systems. Seeks innovative solutions to seemingly routine tasks, develops processes, programs and scripts to automate operational procedures. Examines and evaluates current capabilities with a critical mind, in order to suggest new workflows, streamline operations, and increase system performance and reliability.
  • Interacts with end users and technical experts to identify software requirements, priorities and technical direction. Supports technical and non-technical staff on the use of heterogeneous data systems and services. Interacts with the user community to solve problems, augment system functionality, and improve the user experience. Participates in writing documentation and training material for both internal and external audiences.  Contributes to user-focused meetings and workshops.

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