Kristin A Persson

Professor Kristin Persson, University of California Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, studies the physics and chemistry of materials using atomistic and first-principles computational methods coupled with high-performance computing technology, particularly for clean energy production and storage applications.  She directs the Materials Project, a multi-institution, multinational effort to compute the properties of all inorganic materials and provide the data and associated analysis algorithms to every material researcher free of charge. In addition to the SGCI Steering Committee, Persson serves on the U.S. National Academy’s Condensed Matter and Materials Research Committee (CMMRC), the Review Board of the NCCR-MARVEL at EPFL in Lausanne, and she is the TMS Materials Genome Initiative Ambassador and recipient of the 2017 TMS Early Career Fellow Award. Furthermore, Persson has published more than 90 peer-reviewed papers, is the co-founder of Pellion Technologies Inc., and holds several patents in the novel materials for energy storage space.