The mission of the Science Gateways Community Institute is to provide resources, expertise, community support, and education to speed development and application of more robust, less expensive, and more sustainable gateways that serve science and engineering research and education.

We are now accepting requests for our services! 

The Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) offers an online and physical resource for the science gateways community. We are here to help the community share expertise, such as experiences, technologies, and practices, as well as offer our own expertise and resources for building science gateways. By doing so, we envision that:

  • gateway creators can better leverage their efforts across projects
  • scientists who initiate gateway projects may devote more of their time to their science rather than on technical execution
  • diverse scholarly communities can focus on their research and educational objectives

We designed the Institute to consist of five solution areas, and you are welcome to request services from us: Circle_Diagram_2016

  • Incubator: We provide expertise in key development areas often overlooked by new gateway efforts, such as strategic planning, impact measurement, cybersecurity, user interface design, and software-engineering practices.
  • Extended Developer Support: We provide expert gateway development support for months (up to a year) to projects that request assistance and demonstrate the potential to achieve the most significant gains in gateway development and use of CI.
  • Scientific Software Collaborative: We are delivering a component-based, open-source, extensible framework for gateway design and integration plus services for gateway development and deployment, including gateway hosting and capabilities for developers to integrate their software into Institute offerings.
  • Community Engagement & Exchange: We provide a forum for communication and sharing experiences among gateway developers, within NSF, across federal agencies, and internationally. We support an annual conference, an online symposium series, an online gateway showcase, an active social media presence, and continuous community feedback to ensure all our services remain relevant. We hope to connect with both gateways and gateway-software providers. As part of this area, we also provide consulting to help campuses set up their own gateway development groups.
  • Workforce Development: We plan to increase the pipeline of gateway developers by helping universities form gateway support groups and training underrepresented minorities. We will leverage activities, like Google’s Summer of Code and hands-on student mentoring programs, and provide a student program at our annual conference.

The Institute has established partnerships with several organizations and consultants to provide related specialist services, support, and training. In addition, we will be establishing an Affiliates Program to connect interested organizations with other members of our community.

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This project is funded by the National Science Foundation under award number ACI-1547611. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.