SGCI Summer Programs for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The Science Gateways Community Institute will host three programs in summer 2017 for students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Programs will take place at an SGCI partner site. Each program includes a stipend, travel support, and housing for each student. To apply, you must be a permanent resident or a U.S. citizen. Underrepresented groups in science, including minorities, women, and first-generation college students, are strongly encouraged to apply.

The three programs being offered are:

SEAGRID Logo1) The Science and Engineering Applications Grid (SEAGrid) workshop is a three-day computational chemistry program for graduate students, including an opportunity to move your own research project onto the grid. The Science and Engineering Applications Grid (SEAGrid) workshop, held at Jackson State University in Jackson Mississippi, will empower researchers to easily use scientific applications deployed across a wide range of supercomputers, campus clusters, and computing clouds. SEAGrid features both a powerful desktop client and go-anywhere Web application. The workshop will take place Tuesday, May 9 through Thursday, May 11, 2017.

2) A four-week program focused on gateway development for undergraduate students at Elizabeth City State University. Participants must have completed their freshman year with a major in computer science or computer engineering related fields. The workshop covers the core skills needed to be productive in design and maintenance of science gateways. The program will be presented as short tutorials alternated with practical exercises, and all instruction will be done via live coding. Participants will receive a stipend of $500/week plus housing and transportation.

3) An eight-week internship for students working on a gateway project. Participants will be placed at one of the SGCI partner sites. Graduate students and undergraduates, who have completed their junior year with majors in computer science or computer engineering related fields with strong programming and software engineering skills, are encouraged to apply. Participants will receive a stipend of $500/week plus housing and transportation.

To apply for one of these programs, you will need to submit the following (The committee will continue to review all applications until the slots are filled. The next review date will be April 14, 2017, followed by a second review on May 1, 2017):

  1. A completed Form
  2. Two letters of reference. You will submit their information as part of this form, but they will also need to submit letters of support to this Dropbox* folder.
  3. Copies of your transcripts. Transcripts should be uploaded to this Dropbox* folder.
  4. If you are applying for the graduate program, you are also required to submit a 2-page abstract of your current research. Please upload your abstract to this Dropbox* folder.

*IMPORTANT: please be sure to include your name and document type in all file names that you upload to Dropbox, such as “Jane Doe Transcript.pdf”

Please email with questions about the application process.

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