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Map of Life app engages citizen scientists

July/August 2015

The Map of Life app shows what kinds of life surround you, no matter where you are in the world. It draws from scientific literature, public databases, and satellite remote sensing, with predictions dynamically generated through modeling. The Yale Alumni Magazine describes how citizen scientists can use the app to contribute to our knowledge of the status and trends of species, thereby enabling understanding of species invasions, resource management, and ecological research.

Phone apps connect researchers with citizen scientists

November 14, 2013

Michigan Radio’s Environment Report describes an initiative at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI, that uses mobile phone apps to let citizens collect data that would interest scientists. Areas of application so far include beach safety, air pollution, community ethnography, and mushroom locations.

Listen to the report (4 minutes)

New Facebook App Created to Save Europe’s Ash Trees

August 13, 2013

Europe’s ash trees are threatened by a fungus. Researchers have created a Facebook app to crowdsource analysis of genetic data. From PRI’s The World, hosted by Marco Werman.

Listen to the radio interview

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