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May 10, 2017 at 1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific

Data and Software Carpentry: Using Training to Build a Worldwide Research Community
Presented by Tracy Teal, co-founder and the Executive Director of Data Carpentry, and Adjunct Assistant Professor with BEACON, Michigan State University

Although petabytes of data are now available, most scientific disciplines are failing to translate this sea of data into scientific advances. The missing step between data collection and research progress is a lack of training for scientists in crucial skills for effectively and reproducibly managing and analyzing large amounts of data. Already faced with a deluge of data, researchers themselves are demanding this training. Short, intensive, hands-on Software and Data Carpentry workshops give researchers the opportunity to engage in deliberate practice as they learn these skills. This model has been shown to be effective, with the vast majority (more than 90%), of learners saying that participating in the workshop was worth their time and led to improvements in their data management and data analysis skills. Data Carpentry events have trained over 20,000 learners since 2014 on 6 continents with over 800 volunteer instructors. The strategies of growing this community could be applied toward growing communities of gateway users, particularly by offering training and demonstrating the value of the skills and tools that will enhance their work.

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