Gateways 2016 introduced undergraduate Joel Gonzalez-Santiago to the work of nanoHUB, presented by Lynn Zentner of Purdue University, and led to an internship.

Bennett, Disaiah

Disaiah Bennett
Indiana University

Hello, my name is Disaiah Bennett and I am originally from Virginia Beach, VA. I am a sophomore at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. My major is Computer Science with a scientific concentration. Computer Science became a strong interest during my sophomore year in high school. Throughout my time in college, I plan on achieving a bachelor’s degree at ECSU and later continuing to secure my education at a graduate level to obtain my master's degree in software engineering.

Attending ECSU allowed me the opportunity to be accepted into the Center of Excellence and Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER) program. With the help of CERSER, I was able to attend a certain tutorial programming session to help further my knowledge in this field. Throughout my years at ECSU, the programming languages that have been shared with me are C C++, HTML, and Python. Learning how to code is an essential part of my educational development throughout my college courses. CERSER is a great opportunity for me because it will allow me to branch into certain areas of Computer Science that I haven’t explored.

I was first introduced into the field of computer science during my early Sophomore year. Learning how to code has always been fascinating, and it produces a feeling of satisfaction when you produce the correct procedures. Computer science is a field I intend on working towards to graduate, and even though there are technological advances every day, CERSER is an amazing program to help me develop into a more advanced coder.

My goal after obtaining my degrees is to be granted an opportunity to work with a technological company, for example, Google or Apple. Working to be enlisted into a larger corporation will allow decent exposure and provide a sense of acknowledgment from people, showing that the skills I have developed at ECSU will be equivalent or higher than others from a different institution. I look forward to any internships opportunities that are presented for the remainder of my undergraduate years at ECSU. With the CERSER program, I’ll be able to learn a more in-depth perspective on various programming languages, and independency.

For the future, after obtaining my degrees, I hope to utilize the information that is given and proceed to a higher level of graduate studies. However, learning both software engineering and artificial intelligence (AI) is my main focus. Becoming a software engineer will allow me to connect various pieces of information for everybody to benefit from. Learning how to construct AI will allow me to test the limitations that computer scientist are limited to. My intended plan is to develop skills in each section to become a better programmer and computer scientist.