Webinar: Introduction to Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum, May 4, 2021

This webinar will focus on inquiry-based learning enhanced by computational thinking with content and practice to assist teachers and faculty to incorporate modeling at all levels from mobile device to desktop to petascale supercomputing and beyond. The activities will expose participants to the basics of computational thinking, modeling, and data analysis. We desire to have participants from a broad range of disciplines, including, but not limited to, computer science, mathematics, and the physical and life sciences. Materials for the webinar are drawn from the National Science Digital Library (, in particular, resources from XSEDE as well as Shodor’s extensive Interactivate collection of lessons, discussions, activities, and supporting materials. The first two hours of the webinar will consist of presentations and activities, and the third hour will be reserved for questions and further discussion.

This webinar for educators on computational thinking will be Tuesday, May 4, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Eastern. Register on the XSEDE Portal


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