Gateways 2016 introduced undergraduate Joel Gonzalez-Santiago to the work of nanoHUB, presented by Lynn Zentner of Purdue University, and led to an internship.

Westbrook, Abagail

Abagail Westbrook
Purdue University
Dr. Paul Parsons

My name is Abagail Westbrook. I am currently a junior at Purdue University, in my second year of studying User Experience Design at the Polytechnic Institute. Along with obtaining a Bachelor's of Science in User Experience Design, I plan to earn a minor in Communications at Purdue's Brian Lamb School of Communications. I expect to graduate in the Spring of 2020.  

Through studying UX at Purdue I am being exposed to many of the fields in which UX can be applied, and have chosen to specialize in civic design. In the past, I have had opportunities to work on semester-long projects with Avanade, an IT consulting firm, and Crema, a tech innovation company. I am currently leading a team of six on a project for Garmin aimed at increasing the usability of their app and website.  

At present, I am working as a Research Assistant in the Community-Computer Interaction Lab. The project I am working on currently is aiming to understand the types of interactions on social media that lead to the creation of communities and their subsequent effect on the user's mental health.  

I have also begun working as a usability consultant for the Science Gateways Community Institute. I have the pleasure of working with clients from all over the world of STEM to help make their projects more usable for their users. I have enjoyed the opportunity to hone my skills as UX designer by providing clients with research through a variety of methods according to set milestones.