provides a platform for researchers studying plant diversity and has helped undergraduate biology students complete their honors theses examining factors affecting root growth. (Credit: Cowpea Diversity panel by James Burridge at URBC, South Africa, 2013)

Citing SGCI in your publications

All clients are also encouraged to cite the SGCI in publications that result from a consultation with us. Please use the following reference:

Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, Michael Zentner, Marlon Pierce, Maytal Dahan, Katherine Lawrence, Linda Hayden, Nayiri Mullinix. 2018. The Science Gateways Community Institute at Two Years. In Proceedings of the Practice and Experience on Advanced Research Computing (PEARC '18), ACM, New York, NY, Article 53.

Our prior recommended reference is:

Lawrence, K.A., Zentner, M., Wilkins‐Diehr, N., Wernert, J.A., Pierce, M., Marru, S. and Michael, S., 2015. Science gateways today and tomorrow: positive perspectives of nearly 5000 members of the research community. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 27(16), pp.4252-4268.

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