Partner Details: Bridges


The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) designed, deployed, and is operating Bridges, a high-performance, data-intensive computing resource that integrates a uniquely flexible software environment, advanced memory technologies, CPUs and GPUs, and high-performance storage via a powerful new interconnection network to empower new communities, bring desktop convenience to high-performance computing (HPC), connect to campuses, and allow users to intuitively express complex workflows.

Bridges already serves a number of gateways such as Galaxy, the Neuroscience Gateway, GenePattern, SEAGrid, and Chem Compute. Additional gateways are welcome.

Bridges supports popular infrastructure for developing gateways including, for example, SciGaP, Singularity containers, OSG-style workflows, and Globus Online. Bridges features dedicated nodes for databases and web services, making it an ideal host for gateways, and its diversity of compute and storage resources also makes it a strong choice for a computational back-end.


More about Bridges on our website