Partner Details: Globus


Globus is the de facto standard service for research data management, used by thousands of researchers at hundreds of universities, labs and research facilities around the world.

Globus provides a single, reliable tool to easily move, share, and publish data across any storage resource like campus clusters, supercomputers at national facilities, scientific instruments, archival storage, public clouds, or personal laptops. Globus also offers a platform for developing secure science gateways and DMZs, incorporating the Globus Auth standards-based identity broker to facilitate authentication and authorization from hundreds of identity providers.

Globus is a non-profit service. File transfer is available to researchers at no cost, and organizations can access other Globus capabilities with a low-cost subscription. Nearly half of all Carnegie R1 universities are subscribers, as are the XSEDE community and numerous research centers and government labs.

Globus is pleased to support to the SGCI community in the following ways:

  1. We provide Webinars and live training sessions on Globus SaaS services with SGCI.
  2. We provide Webinars and hack-a-thon training sessions on the Globus PaaS platform for science gateways and SGCI personnel.
  3. We mentor interns referred by SGCI.
  4. We attend SGCI planning and coordination meetings, engage in SGCI activities, and inform SGCI personnel of recent developments and new opportunities with Globus.


More about Globus on our website