provides a platform for researchers studying plant diversity and has helped undergraduate biology students complete their honors theses examining factors affecting root growth. (Credit: Cowpea Diversity panel by James Burridge at URBC, South Africa, 2013)


Jetstream is the first production science and engineering cloud. It currently provides hosting for several gateways and has the capacity for many more. The flexibility of the cloud environment combined with the mission from the NSF to make the environment available free of charge to US-based scientific researchers means that Jetstream offers considerable resources to the gateway community.

By providing a freely available resource as an option to SGCI and their clients, costs that might have been used to purchase commercial capacity might be otherwise used for development. Additionally, using Jetstream would provide another resource for the gateway community making it more robust.


Jetstream presentation at XSEDE Science Gateway Seminar 6/16/2017

Jeremy Fischer from the IU Jetstream team will present the system for the XSEDE science gateway community this Friday at 12:00 pm noon ET / 11:00 am CT / 9:00 am PT.  We may record this call.

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    Meeting ID: 574 332 318

Abstract: Jetstream is a unique resource in the XSEDE ecosystem. It provides a level of access and configuration that you don't find in the traditional HPC world. In this week's call, we will explore what Jetstream is, what features are available, and the basic operation of Jetstream. Building on that, we'll discuss what advantages Jetstream brings to gateway developers, other interesting paths in gateways on Jetstream, and also soliciting ideas on how the Jetstream team can help you.



1) What Jetstream is

2) What Jetstream ISN'T

3) What Atmosphere is -- now forget about it entirely

4) What the API is and why gateway developers want to be there

5) The basics we provide (images, networks/ips, etc)

6) Ephemeral storage vs persistent storage on Jetstream

   6a) Cattle not pets

7) Some of the possibilities -- true elastic computing, virtual clusters, other things

8) Utilizing the two distinct clouds to your benefit as gateway developers

9) Using resources like Wrangler for maximizing use of Jetstream for large data sets and big data problems

10) Discussion: What images/features would gateway developers like to see?