provides a platform for researchers studying plant diversity and has helped undergraduate biology students complete their honors theses examining factors affecting root growth. (Credit: Cowpea Diversity panel by James Burridge at URBC, South Africa, 2013)

Science Node

Science Node explores the real-world impact of advanced computing and networks. Writing for experts and non-experts alike, Science Node delivers timely, relevant news about research breakthroughs, the resources that make such breakthroughs possible, and illustrates how science improves our everyday lives.

Science Node will be covering our Gateways conferences and offers opportunities for gateways to be featured as news stories. 


Science Node Covers Gateways 2018 Conference

Representatives from Science Node, an online publication that covers the impact of advanced computing and networks, joined us at the Gateways 2018 conference, which took place September 25-27 in Austin, TX.

Read the resulting story from Alisa Alering, "The secret sauce of science," for a summary of the conference and to find out how science gateways provide the one simple ingredient that can boost scientific discovery across domains.