Guest Tech Blog: Kubernetes and JupyterHub on Jetstream

By Andrea Zonca , HPC Applications Specialist, San Diego Supercomputer Center Introduction JupyterHub handles authentication and routing for any number of users that have access to an interactive computational environment, the Jupyter Notebook, via their browser. The most high-impact application of JupyterHub in the context of Science Gateways is to deploy it as a companion application for the Science Gateway to enable users to access a pre-configured computing environment....

SC20 "HPC in the City" Virtual Hackathon Addressed Issues Local to Atlanta

SGCI, along with seven other sponsors, organized the SC20 co-located virtual hackathon on November 5-9, 2020. Named HPC in the City, the hackathon, which ran 96+ hours, was launched by the SC20 Inclusivity Committee with the purpose of engaging the community in the SC host city, Atlanta.

From in-person to online: Successes from the first virtual Focus Week

Transforming Gateway Focus Week into a virtual experience presented a unique opportunity to participate in what’s typically an in-person, five-day workshop. Thirteen teams, a total of thirty-two full workshop participants, joined in from November 30-December 8, 2020 for the freshly redesigned experience.

Science Ambassador Blog: Funding to organize and implement a social media strategy

By Dr. Brian Winkel Director, SIMIODE Emeritus Professor, Mathematics, US Military Academy I am most fortunate to be an SGCI Science Ambassador on behalf of our project, SIMIODE. We valued the SGCI stipend to support Anthony Stefan, a second-year mathematics graduate student at the Florida Institute of Technology, in his efforts to organize and implement our social media outreach. This funding assisted us in stepping back to reflect and then act on our approaches.   I...

Geoweaver: From Incubator Project to a Broader Audience Scope

Geoweaver is a science gateway designed to manage artificial-intelligence/machine-learning (AI/ML) research in Earth science. Find out how working with SGCI helped to inspire and shape an idea for the gateway to move beyond its initial phase of supporting agriculture-mapping workflows to one that allows researchers to compose and execute full-stack, deep-learning workflows.

Guest Blog: Why Real-Time Data Matters to the Maritime Industry

Each year, the international maritime shipping industry moves more than four trillion dollars in goods, which comprises 90% of world trade. As a result, there’s a lot of pressure on shipping companies to remain on schedule, protect the cargo ship and crew, and ensure profitability.  In this guest blog post written by Ayesha Renyard at Sofar , find out how real-time big data analytics are helping the maritime industry better navigate...

Congratulations to the Cloudify Gateways 2020 Awardees

During the welcome session of the annual Gateways 2020 conference, the Cloudify Gateways 2020 awards were announced. This is the second year when the SGCI, CloudyCluster, and Google Cloud Platform teams have come together to offer time and cloud computational resources to science gateways with a compelling cloud-based project. This year, four teams were awarded:

Gateways 2020 - First time attendee's experience, Dr. Leigh Noble

The annual Gateways conference is the perfect venue for gateway creators and enthusiasts to come together, learn from each other, and exchange ideas. This year, more than 221 participants gathered virtually, from October 12–23. With COVID-19 changing the location from Bethesda, Maryland to the comfort of everyone’s own home, the attendees still gained real takeaways.

SIMIODE Technology Director and first-time attendee, Dr. Leigh Noble, shared his experience after attending...

Gateways 2020 Conference - A Virtual Experience with Real Interactions

The annual Gateways conference is the perfect venue for gateway creators and enthusiasts to come together, learn from each other, and exchange ideas. This year, more than 221 participants gathered virtually, from October 12–23.

Gateways 2020 Plenary addresses the Challenge of Gateway Interoperability

Gateways 2020 has officially kicked off with the first week featuring interactive and informative tutorials and workshops! We are also looking forward to next week’s main conference track featuring presentations, demos, Learning Labs, and of course, interactive keynotes from Dr. Roger Aines and Amy Aines, authors of Championing Science, and Dr. Thomas Dohmke, sharing behind-the-scenes details of GitHub’s Archive Program! Another plenary session that you won’t want to miss is the “The...

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