Hack@PEARC20 Participants Solved Real Challenges

The HackHPC@PEARC20 was a 53-hour event where up-and-coming programmers both applied and honed their skills while addressing real-world problems connected to multiple science gateways.

ETAG Gateway Reaches Goals Thanks to Engagement With SGCI

The Electronic Transponder Analysis Gateway (ETAG) is a web tool that allows scientists to collect and share data for animal behavior in near real-time using RFID technology. Through a multi-faceted engagement with SGCI, the ETAG team was able to meet key goals of creating a user-friendly interface efficiently and effectively.

SGCI’s Virtual Mini-Course Gives Gateway Projects a ‘Jumpstart’ on Sustainability Planning

Under normal circumstances, Focus Week is offered twice per year as an in-person event. This year, due to travel limitations caused by COVID-19, the instructors made the best of the situation and decided to instead offer a reimagined and free virtual mini-course called "Jumpstart Your Sustainability Plan."

SGCI Support Paves the Way for the SimCCS Gateway to Tackle Climate Change Mitigation

Participating in Gateway Focus Week helped the SimCCS team create a vision for the future of the gateway, and working with EDS consultants helped them realize the vision. The result is a gateway that can play a meaningful role in mitigating climate change.

GenApp's User Interface Modernized Thanks to Successful Engagements With SGCI

The GenApp team participated in Gateway Focus Week in 2017 and then worked with SGCI Usability and Extended Developer Support consultants to improve their user-interface. They also hosted three funded SGCI interns who worked on improving the gateway.

Guest Blog: The Distant Reader—A Jetstream-Powered Assist for an Age-Old Process

By Harmony Jankowski, Science Highlights Team, UITS Research Technologies , Indiana University Note: Eric Lease Morgan of Distant Reader was a participant in the May 2019 Focus Week and is an SGCI Client who has received Usability consultation. Jetstream is an SGCI Partner . Scholars, students, and researchers in all fields have one activity in common: reading. With the increased prevalence of online publishing through formal and informal channels, the number of books and...

SGCI Helped Grow Data Discovery Studio With Implementation of Technologies and by Offering Guidance in Usability, Security, and Marketing

The Data Discovery Project team worked with SGCI marketing, usability, cybersecurity, and Extended Developer Support consultants. The multi-faceted engagement allowed them to implement new technologies and strategies to grow the gateway.

Science Ambassador Blog: Investigation of ALS Neurodegenerative Disease Using Neuroscience Gateway

One of our five Science Ambassadors , Mohamed Mousa, attended the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Meeting in October 2019. Mohamed, who is a Ph.D. candidate and graduate research assistant at Wright State University, presented a poster on his current work with small conductance potassium channels (SK) that play an important role in the pathogenesis of ALS disease. He has been using the Neuroscience Gateway for his research.  Now, with the problem of running computationally...

Tech Blog: How the Ocean Observatories Initiative Used Apache Kafka to Simultaneously Combine Large Volumes of Historic and Streaming Data

By Choonhan Youn What is Apache Kafka? Apache Kafka is a distributed messaging system, which publishes and subscribes to streams of records, similar to a message queue or enterprise messaging system. It is developed to be a distributed, partitioned, replicated service. Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI)’s data streaming-based science gateway uses this message brokering system. To balance the incoming load, Topics are defined and each of these Topics is split into multiple...

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