Science Gateways and Scientific Research, Part 2

By Marlon Pierce You can read Science Gateways and Scientific Research, Part 1, here .  Author’s Note: This blog post is based on “Towards a Science Gateway Reference Architecture”, which was presented at the International Workshop for Science Gateways (IWSG 2018). Citation: Pierce, M. E., Miller, M. A., Brookes, E. H., Wong, M., Afgan, E., Liu, Y., Gesing, S., Dahan, M., Marru, S. & Walker, T. (2018). Towards a Science Gateway Reference Architecture. Paper given at the...

Bootcamp Five Inspires a Shift—This Collaborative Workshop Is Now Called Gateway Focus Week

Our week-long intensive workshop is now called Gateway Focus Week (formerly Science Gateways Bootcamp). The fifth Focus Week cohort met in May in Indianapolis, IN. Offered twice per year, the intensive week-long workshop addresses the importance of having some level of business know-how in order to achieve sustainability for science gateway projects.

Guest Blog: Globus and the path to sustainability

This guest blog post was written by Lee Liming, Globus Senior Technical Writer, and Vas Vasiliadis, Globus Chief Customer Officer. It’s been more than twenty years since the first public release of Globus software. In that time, we’ve tried several routes to sustainability and learned a few things we’ll share in this post. The core mission of Globus—which has changed very little since 1995—is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of researchers engaged in...

ADMI Symposium Included Presentations by SGCI Staff

SGCI Extended Developer Support and Workforce Development staff attended and presented at the Association of Computer and Information Science/Engineering Departments at Minority Institutions (ADMI) symposium devoted to computing issues relevant to minority students, education, and institutions. The Symposium on Computing at Minority Institutions took place April 11-14, 2019, in Memphis, TN.   SGCI's Marlon Pierce made a presentation called "The Science Gateways Community...

SGCI Consultation Allows CloudLaunch to Benefit Researchers Across a Wide Variety of Fields

Working with SGCI allowed CloudLaunch to formalize and implement plans to convert a small web-app into a full-fledged science gateway. The resulting gateway can now benefit a large number of researchers from a wide range of disciplines looking to conduct research in the cloud.

SGCI Intern Who Was Selected to Participate in HBCU@SXSW Gets Job Offers

Thanks to HBCU@SXSW , SGCI Intern Ke'Darius Whitley was one of 250 students from historically black colleges and universities selected to attend SXSW. Whitley reports on this exciting experience below. He let us know that he'll decide on one of the two job offers he received after he graduates in May 2019. You can read Whitley's 2018 Summer Internship Report here. Check here to learn more about our opportunities for students , including summer internships....

How SGCI Gave the VC3 Team Solid Footing to Build a Global Collaboration Platform

Consultation with SGCI gave the VC3 team solid footing for solving framework-specific challenges, among other things, which resulted in a modern, adaptive, and responsive web application which mitigates many of the obstacles faced by researchers when trying to leverage HPC, HTC, and cloud-based resources. The VC3 platform fosters global collaboration and lowers the barrier to entry by providing free (or low cost) resources that would otherwise be inaccessible to small or under-funded projects.

People of SGCI: Andrew Adams

Andrew Adams Senior Information Security Analyst, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Carnegie Mellon University   What is your role within SGCI and what do you do? As part of SGCI’s Incubator services, my role is to provide cybersecurity guidance and advice to science gateways that SGCI engages with. This encompasses anything from comparing system configurations to best practices, to assisting a client in writing policy in order to build a security program. How did you...

“Aha” Moments Abound at ESIP’s Custom Bootcamp [now Gateway Focus Week] and Beyond

ESIP's Executive Director participated in Science Gateways Bootcamp in 2017. She found the week-long intensive workshop so valuable that she participated again in 2018 to work on a different ESIP project. Soon after, she proposed the idea of sponsoring a standalone Bootcamp for ESIP projects, which we offered in November 2018. A group of participants from that Bootcamp then presented their resulting "pitch decks" at the ESIP Winter Meeting in January 2019.

SGCI Consultation Gives CitSci a Solid and Sustainable Foundation for Growth

Since 2007, CitSci has been on the leading edge of citizen science online, supporting projects on a wide variety of topics. After 10+ years in operation, they submitted a request for SGCI services hoping to get right to work optimizing the performance of CitSci, but soon discovered that there were big decisions to be made before that could happen. Find out how, in a multi-faceted consultation, SGCI staff helped prioritize CitSci's needs and lay the groundwork for growth.

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