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What Does Science Gateway Sustainability Look Like?

What makes a successful science gateway last? How do we define “sustainability” for science gateways? You might think that a sustained gateway is funded indefinitely, which would be a very impressive feat. Yet, there are other challenges in maintaining the community around the gateway and continuing to provide value to keep both the community and funder satisfied. For a framework or open-source software, other ways of interpreting “sustainability” could mean that there is an active network of...

SGCI Consultation Gives CitSci a Solid and Sustainable Foundation for Growth

Since 2007, CitSci has been on the leading edge of citizen science online, supporting projects on a wide variety of topics. After 10+ years in operation, they submitted a request for SGCI services hoping to get right to work optimizing the performance of CitSci, but soon discovered that there were big decisions to be made before that could happen. Find out how, in a multi-faceted consultation, SGCI staff helped prioritize CitSci's needs and lay the groundwork for growth.

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