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Geoweaver: From Incubator Project to a Broader Audience Scope

Geoweaver is a science gateway designed to manage artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) research in Earth science. Find out how working with SGCI helped to inspire and shape an idea for the gateway to move beyond its initial phase of supporting agriculture-mapping workflows to one that allows researchers to compose and execute full-stack, deep-learning workflows.

2020 Summer Internship Reports: Pablo Calix

Each year, our Workforce Development team offers summer internships for students interested in developing their gateway development skills. Interns are placed at one of several SGCI partner sites. This post features SGCI summer intern Pablo Calix, a student at College of Lake County.

“Aha” Moments Abound at ESIP’s Custom Bootcamp [now Gateway Focus Week] and Beyond

ESIP's Executive Director participated in Science Gateways Bootcamp in 2017. She found the week-long intensive workshop so valuable that she participated again in 2018 to work on a different ESIP project. Soon after, she proposed the idea of sponsoring a standalone Bootcamp for ESIP projects, which we offered in November 2018. A group of participants from that Bootcamp then presented their resulting "pitch decks" at the ESIP Winter Meeting in January 2019.

Guest Blog: SGCI and ESIP Discuss Bootcamp and Partnership Possibilities

By Nancy Hoebelheinrich Coordinator and Editor ESIP Data Management Training Clearinghouse   In early January, ESIP Federation Winter 2018 meeting members participated in a lively discussion during one of the breakout sessions on what SCGI has to offer for incubator projects intending to move to sustainable production status. In the session, participants first heard an overview from SGCI's Sandra Gesing about the Institute and its Science Gateways Bootcamp . Following Sandra's...

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