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Science Ambassador Blog: Funding to organize and implement a social media strategy

By Dr. Brian Winkel Director, SIMIODE Emeritus Professor, Mathematics, US Military Academy I am most fortunate to be an SGCI Science Ambassador on behalf of our project, SIMIODE. We valued the SGCI stipend to support Anthony Stefan, a second-year mathematics graduate student at the Florida Institute of Technology, in his efforts to organize and implement our social media outreach. This funding assisted us in stepping back to reflect and then act on our approaches.   I...

Geoweaver: From Incubator Project to a Broader Audience Scope

Geoweaver is a science gateway designed to manage artificial-intelligence/machine-learning (AI/ML) research in Earth science. Find out how working with SGCI helped to inspire and shape an idea for the gateway to move beyond its initial phase of supporting agriculture-mapping workflows to one that allows researchers to compose and execute full-stack, deep-learning workflows.

ETAG Gateway Reaches Goals Thanks to Engagement With SGCI

The Electronic Transponder Analysis Gateway (ETAG) is a web tool that allows scientists to collect and share data for animal behavior in near real-time using RFID technology. Through a multi-faceted engagement with SGCI, the ETAG team was able to meet key goals of creating a user-friendly interface efficiently and effectively.

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