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Guest Tech Blog: Kubernetes and JupyterHub on Jetstream

By Andrea Zonca , HPC Applications Specialist, San Diego Supercomputer Center Introduction JupyterHub handles authentication and routing for any number of users that have access to an interactive computational environment, the Jupyter Notebook, via their browser. The most high-impact application of JupyterHub in the context of Science Gateways is to deploy it as a companion application for the Science Gateway to enable users to access a pre-configured computing environment....

SC20 "HPC in the City" Virtual Hackathon Addressed Issues Local to Atlanta

SGCI, along with seven other sponsors, organized the SC20 co-located virtual hackathon on November 5-9, 2020. Named HPC in the City, the hackathon, which ran 96+ hours, was launched by the SC20 Inclusivity Committee with the purpose of engaging the community in the SC host city, Atlanta.

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