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Report from SGCI's Summer Coding Institute for Students

SGCI offered a four-week Coding Institute during the summer of 2018. The Institute, which is focused on gateway development for undergraduate students, covers the core skills needed to be productive in the design and maintenance of science gateways. Presented as short tutorials alternated with practical exercises, all instruction was done via live coding.

Mini Science Gateways Bootcamp in Edinburgh, Scotland: Not at All a "Mini" Experience

By Sandra Gesing The Science Gateways Bootcamp is a well-received five-day long hands-on workshop on sustainability that takes place twice a year in the U.S. The five days is needed to fully discuss and work through the topics as well as for building a community around sustainability for science gateways. Being aware of the fact that five days is a major time commitment and also being inspired by the demand of the community both within the U.S. and internationally, the SGCI Incubator...

Tech Blog: Benefits of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

By Josue Balandrano Coronel What are APIs? In software development, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a key part which enables sharing and extending functionality implemented by other developers. An API can be defined as a public contract between author and user which defines how to use a specific tool. In this definition, the author references any software developer who writes a specific library, framework, service, or any other software tool. A user is anyone who uses...

Case Study: Gateway Expertise When You Need It—Growing QUBES by Working with the Science Gateways Community Institute

This case study presentation highlights the work that SGCI completed with the QUBES science gateway and illustrates how our services can support multiple aspects of a project. Specifically, we describe our hands-on consulting services, Science Gateways Bootcamp training, inclusion in the Gateway Catalog, the Gateways conference series, and our internship program, and how each element provided different facets of support to the growing QUBES community.

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