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Guest Blog: The Distant Reader—A Jetstream-Powered Assist for an Age-Old Process

By Harmony Jankowski, Science Highlights Team, UITS Research Technologies , Indiana University Note: Eric Lease Morgan of Distant Reader was a participant in the May 2019 Focus Week and is an SGCI Client who has received Usability consultation. Jetstream is an SGCI Partner . Scholars, students, and researchers in all fields have one activity in common: reading. With the increased prevalence of online publishing through formal and informal channels, the number of books and...

SGCI Client Chem Compute Meets Goals

The Chem Compute science gateway had humble beginnings as a small classroom operation but, after engaging with SGCI, it can now serve many more undergraduate students simultaneously. The work that was completed dramatically reduced queue times (from minutes to seconds), which was important for the gateway's undergraduate audience.

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