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Bootcamp Five Inspires a Shift—This Collaborative Workshop Is Now Called Gateway Focus Week

Our week-long intensive workshop is now called Gateway Focus Week (formerly Science Gateways Bootcamp). The fifth Focus Week cohort met in May in Indianapolis, IN. Offered twice per year, the intensive week-long workshop addresses the importance of having some level of business know-how in order to achieve sustainability for science gateway projects.

“Aha” Moments Abound at ESIP’s Custom Bootcamp [now Gateway Focus Week] and Beyond

ESIP's Executive Director participated in Science Gateways Bootcamp in 2017. She found the week-long intensive workshop so valuable that she participated again in 2018 to work on a different ESIP project. Soon after, she proposed the idea of sponsoring a standalone Bootcamp for ESIP projects, which we offered in November 2018. A group of participants from that Bootcamp then presented their resulting "pitch decks" at the ESIP Winter Meeting in January 2019.

People of SGCI: Rick Mouser

Rick Mouser Business Development Manager, HUBzero Purdue University What is your role within SGCI and what do you do? I am one of the instructors for Science Gateways Bootcamp . I provide instructions on how a gateway can create a business development strategy using sales and fundraising fundamentals. How did you come to be a part of SGCI, and why were you intrigued by the opportunity? The first Bootcamp I attended was in October of 2017, shortly after joining the...

SGCI Bootcamp [now Gateway Focus Week] Instructors Present Sessions at EarthCube's All Hands Meeting

Science Gateways Bootcamp instructors presented three sessions at the EarthCube All Hands Meeting. EarthCube, a community of scientists across geoscience domains, has more than 2,500 contributors who work together on contributing to how geoscience research is done using digital resources, such as science gateways.

SGCI helped build EcologyPlus with customized areas for career development

SGCI's Extended Developer Support (EDS) consultants worked with Teresa Mourad of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) to build a new gateway called EcologyPlus on the HUBzero platform. EcologyPlus offers students and recent graduates from underrepresented minority groups with year-round mentoring and career resources.

Cohort Four Reflects on the Value of Science Gateways Bootcamp [now Gateway Focus Week]

The final Science Gateways Bootcamp cohort of 2018 met in August in Chicago, IL. Offered twice per year, the intensive week-long workshop addresses the importance of having some level of business know-how in order to achieve sustainability for science gateway projects.

Mini Science Gateways Bootcamp [now Gateway Focus Week] in Edinburgh, Scotland: Not at All a "Mini" Experience

Note: Science Gateways Bootcamp was renamed to Gateway Focus Week in June 2019. By Sandra Gesing The Science Gateways Bootcamp is a well-received five-day long hands-on workshop on sustainability that takes place twice a year in the U.S. The five days is needed to fully discuss and work through the topics as well as for building a community around sustainability for science gateways. Being aware of the fact that five days is a major time commitment and also being inspired by the...

Science Gateways Bootcamp [now Gateway Focus Week]: Enthusiastic Praise from Cohort Three

Science Gateways Bootcamp is designed to provide participants with a practical and essential toolkit for the evolution and growth of their science gateway projects. This year, SGCI's Incubator team took the intensive, week-long Bootcamp on the road to make it more convenient for people from all around the country to attend, offering the May 2018 session at the Texas Advanced Computing Center in Austin, TX.

Science Gateways Bootcamp Check-In: How are Participants Progressing Toward Their Goals?

By Nayiri Mullinix When participants walk away from the week-long Science Gateways Bootcamp, they do so not only with a bounty of knowledge and resources but also with a sustainability plan and actionable steps that they themselves have outlined for how they’ll implement all that they’ve learned. We regularly check in with previous Bootcamp participants to see how each project is progressing and have been pleased to learn that many of the teams have already checked off several, if not ...

Guest Blog: SGCI and ESIP Discuss Bootcamp and Partnership Possibilities

By Nancy Hoebelheinrich Coordinator and Editor ESIP Data Management Training Clearinghouse   In early January, ESIP Federation Winter 2018 meeting members participated in a lively discussion during one of the breakout sessions on what SCGI has to offer for incubator projects intending to move to sustainable production status. In the session, participants first heard an overview from SGCI's Sandra Gesing about the Institute and its Science Gateways Bootcamp . Following Sandra's...
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