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Guest Blog: The Distant Reader—A Jetstream-Powered Assist for an Age-Old Process

By Harmony Jankowski, Science Highlights Team, UITS Research Technologies , Indiana University Note: Eric Lease Morgan of Distant Reader was a participant in the May 2019 Focus Week and is an SGCI Client who has received Usability consultation. Jetstream is an SGCI Partner . Scholars, students, and researchers in all fields have one activity in common: reading. With the increased prevalence of online publishing through formal and informal channels, the number of books and...

Nancy Wilkins-Diehr's SGCI Talk at the XSEDE Extended Collaborative Support Symposium

Slides and recording  are now available from the talk that Nancy Wilkins-Diehr gave at the 12/20/16 XSEDE Extended Collaborative Support Symposium. In the talk, Nancy describes all the services that are available through the SGCI.

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