The Science Gateways Community Institute offers a variety of services geared toward individuals and communities who are building gateways.

Need some help that calls for specialized expertise?

Our consultants offer direct, customized support. Currently, these services are funded by the National Science Foundation at no cost to the users:

Or, if you're all ready to work with us, apply now!

Want to take your gateway to the next level?

Our Incubator-organized Science Gateway Focus Week is a week-long, intensive workshop for gateway developers at any stage who want to further develop and scale their work.

Looking for a new technology or a "gateway in a box"? Or have a technology you'd like to promote?

Our Gateway Catalog offers a way to find existing gateways, components, platforms, or other technologies that you can use to build your gateway. We invite gateway and technology developers to post their resources in the catalog for others to discover.

Want to share your own experiences with gateway building?

There are many opportunities to present your work:

  • Our webinar series features a rotating schedule of talks about gateway showcases, best practices, and relevant technologies.
  • Our annual conference has opportunities to present research, demos, tutorials, and posters.
  • Our blog welcomes guest authors who would like to tell others about what they've learned. You can write a piece yourself, or we can interview you.

You can also "pay it forward" to the next generation of gateway developers:

  • Join the Young Professionals Network to mentor a young professional or participate in the network's activities.
  • Hire an intern to work on your gateway. Our summer internship program offers a limited number of fully-funded internships (including stipend, housing, and travel) plus a matching service for gateways with their own funding to support an intern.
Need to expand your capacity or sustainability through your campus-based resources?

Our campus-based development group consulting can advise you in two ways. First, if you need additional expertise for your development team but don't know where to find it, we can advise you as to where you might find services on your own campus. Second, if you have begun to build a development team that you'd like to retain, we can provide a pathway to creating a campus-based development group that offers services to gateway projects across your campus.

Want to learn more?