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Principal Full Stack Cloud Developer/Engineer at Indiana University

Working as part of a team, the Principal Full Stack Cloud Developer will develop and contribute to the operations of open source cloud platform services on both commercial and academic cloud computing environments that are used to support global communities of scientists accessing advanced computing software and resources around the world.

This position will provide technical expertise in the design, evaluation, development, distribution, integration, deployment, and operations of the Apache Airavata open source software system (https://airavata.apache.org/) and related open source cyberinfrastructure on both commercial and academic cloud computing environments. The developer will engage with scientific research communities, both at and beyond Indiana University, to develop solutions using Apache Airavata to solve challenging, end-to-end distributed computing problems emerging from the requirements of world-class scientific research. The developer will develop science gateways using Apache Airavata and related software using best software engineering practices (such as the Apache Software Foundation’s open community process) and will evaluate emerging technologies and architectures.

The Science Gateways Research Center (SGRC.iu.edu), part of the Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute, develops the open source software to support scientific research, including the Apache Airavata software suite, which is based on modern distributed component-based architecture principles. Using DevOps practices, SGRCoperates Apache Airavata as a cloud platform services to support science gateways, which are web-based user environments to distributed services that assist scientists in using complex research computing infrastructure, managing and sharing scientific data, and undertaking reproducible computational research. For more on Science Gateways, see https://sciencegateways.org.

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