Walk before You Run - Baseline controls and paths to cybersecurity maturity -- Webinar on October 22

Are you a seasoned IT pro who’s been tasked with handling security for your organization? Are you a brand-new CISO awash in a sea of security products and vendors? Or maybe you (finally!) received additional resources and management’s approval to “do something” about cybersecurity. Whichever the case, you look out over your environment of legacy systems and hardware, policies, multiple frameworks and compliance requirements and ask yourself:

Where do I begin, and how do I know...

Trusted CI Blog: Chem Compute JupyterHub (1st May, 2020 - 15th July, 2020)

Read this blog post from Trusted CI to hear about the Chem Compute cybersecurity engagement. Trusted CI and SGCI provided this short-term engagement. Chem Compute PI, Mark Perri, worked with Ishan Abhinit, a cybersecurity consultant, to review Chem Compute's servers, services, policies, and implementation of JupyterHub. You can receive a cybersecurity engagement from Trusted CI and SGCI by completing a service request form .

Trusted CI Blog: Transition to Practice Success Story, Part Two—How CILogon Powers Science Gateways

Read this blog post from Trusted CI to hear from SGCI EDS Director Marlon Pierce about how CILogon enables researchers to log on to cyberinfrastructure(CI). Pierce is also director of the  Cyberinfrastructure Integration Research Center  at Indiana University (formerly the Science Gateways Research Center) and leads distributed systems research into scalable cyberinfrastructure to support computational and data-driven science.