Big Data Neuroscience Workshop 2020: Organized by the Advanced Computational Neuroscience Network (ACNN) -- September 4

The 2020 annual ACNN symposium is an interdisciplinary and trans-institutional workshop will continue to promote the development of common practices and standardization to make it easier for neuroscience researchers. Focus Week alumni, Dr. Franco Pestilli, will be presenting a hands-on tutorial on

Neuroscience Gateway Will Grow Capabilities With New Awards

By Nayiri Mullinix The Neuroscience Gateway (NSG) has been serving the computational neuroscience community since 2013. With over 1,100 users as of April 2020, the NSG was designed to fulfill the needs of those analyzing large scale brain models to learn about various neuronal functions and more. Two recent awards from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health will allow a growing group of researchers to utilize the NSG. Most of this modeling has been done...