CUE4CHNG: Surveys on User Preferences to Maximize the Participation of Women and Students of Color in Engineering

For several decades, academic institutions have received financial resources to broaden participation in engineering programs. Despite these funded recruitment and retention efforts, most engineering programs have achieved little improvement in the participation of women, students of color, individuals with disabilities, and other underrepresented groups. One hypothesis to explain this discrepancy is that the low representation of women and students of color in engineering results from the...

Research Software Engineer Survey

Are you a Research Software Engineer in the United States? Do you work professionally in software in a research environment, at least partly writing code for other people? Your job title might be research programmer, facilitator, postdoctoral researcher, or research assistant. If so, please fill out this short survey, being run by the UK Software Sustainability Institute with the idea of understanding and helping to organize the US RSE community: .