Leading Neuroscientist and Past Focus Week Participant Relies on XSEDE Resources for Brainlife.io Platform

As an expert in vision science, neuroinformatics, brain imaging, computational neuroscience, and data science, Franco Pestilli's research has advanced the understanding of human cognition and brain networks over the last 15 years. Pestilli participated in Gateway Focus Week in 2019 to help grow his Brainlife.io platform.  Learn about Pestilli and Brainlife.io in this recent article from XSEDE .

SGCI Client and Focus Week Participant CoMSES.Net Paves Way for FAIR Models

Around this time last year, in May 2020, West Hub affiliate Michael Barton and colleagues published an open letter in  Science  that urged worldwide scientists to share their COVID-19 models and openly publish their code so that it was Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable ( FAIR ). While it’s difficult to prove that this letter stimulated epidemiologists to make their work more transparent, the year 2020 brought more than 56,000 unique visitors to Barton’s social and...

Students Use Simvascular Gateway to Create Image-Based Anatomic Models and Blood Flow Simulations

We recently came across an exciting gateway-related Tweet in our feed and just had to share it with the SGCI community. Using the Simvascular gateway, students in Alison Marsden 's class at Stanford created image-based anatomic models and ran blood flow simulations. Check out the beautiful results below! 

2021 ESIP Summer Meeting: Best Practices for FAIR Research Software

The 2021 ESIP Summer Meeting will feature a presentation about FAIR Research by SGCI's Sandra Gesing and others on July 19, 2021. Presenter details and the abstract are available here . Research software is a significant and vital component of research. It is integral to all stages of research from pre- to post-processing and analysis and modeling. Recognizing software roles in reproducibility and the need for recognition for those who develop software has energized conversations on...

Xpert Network CDI Meeting: Best Practices for Computational and Data-intensive Research, July 15, 2021

Panel Topic: Best practices for Computational and Data-intensive (CDI) Research   July 15, 2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Panelists:  Sunita Chandrasekaran, University of Delaware Sandra Gesing, Center for Research Computing of University of Notre Dame More information and join coordinates are available here .    

Collegeville Workshop on Scientific Software 2021 (CW21): Free, Remote Workshop

The 2021 Collegeville Workshop on Scientific Software invites 2-4 page white papers, posters, and short recorded talks (<15 min) on scientific software  development. The workshops bring together representatives from universities, laboratories, and industry; they are designed to increase awareness of the common needs, contributions, and career paths of scientific software  development. The workshop  series began in 2019 and...

Science Node article "On the level with Hurricane Matthew" discusses using DesignSafe-CI gateway for coastal water level models of storm surge

On the level with Hurricane Matthew Data assimilation using DesignSafe-CI portal improves coastal water level models of storm surge Hurricane storm surge is one of the most hazardous and difficult parts of a hurricane to forecast. Researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC) have developed a data assimilation method for improving multi-day forecasts of coastal water levels. Data assimilation combines real-time measurements with model simulations....

Trusted CI webinar: Investigating Secure Development In Practice: A Human-Centered Perspective, June 28, 2021

University of Maryland's Michelle Mazurek will present "Investigating Secure Development In Practice: A Human-Centered Perspective", on Monday, June 28th at 1 pm (Eastern).   Regular webinar attendees: note the later time for this presentation. Please  register here . Be sure to check spam/junk folder for a registration confirmation email. Secure development is not just a technical problem: it’s a human and organizational problem as well. To understand...

Trusted CI webinars now available as a podcast

Want to catch up on the Trusted CI webinar series while you're on the go? Trusted CI has announced the launch of a podcast version of their webinar. You can find the podcast by searching for "Trusted CI podcast" on  Apple ,  Google , Overcast, Luminary, Pocketcasts, and many other podcatchers.   Contact  webinars@trustedci.org  if you have any questions.

Register for PEARC21 by July 16

The PEARC21 conference is a reimagined virtual conference where advanced research computing colleagues and peers can share their experiences via a series of online presentations and networking events. SGCI has created a list of gateway-related presentations here .  Attendees can participate by: Watching live and pre-recorded mixed technical presentations Attending virtual workshops and tutorials hosted from July 19th - 22nd, 2021 Attending a virtual poster session and...