PresQT Meeting January 28-29, 2019 at Notre Dame

The PresQT team encourages your attendance at the Q1 Partner Meeting 2019, especially if you have a project that could benefit from the tools they are developing or a platform that could interoperate with their services. In this meeting, they focus especially on use cases for a Preservation Quality Web Service, a Fixity Web Service and a Keyword Assignment Web Service. Date: January 28-29 (starting at noon on the 28th and finishing at 5pm on 29th) More info: ...

ESIP 2018 Summer Meeting—Data for Our Changing Earth: Realizing the Socioeconomic Value of Data

The Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) 2018 Summer Meeting is Realizing the Socioeconomic Value of Data. The theme is based on one of the goals in the ESIP Strategic Plan, which provides a framework for ESIP's current activities.  The meeting will take place at Marriott University Park in Tucson, AZ, July 17-20, 2018.  Learn more about the meeting and register here: