Gateways help solve the mysteries of the universe. For example, Galaxy Zoo enlisted non-scientists to help categorize astronomical images, whereas LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) captures signals from distant universes. (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Answering your questions and solving your challenges with customized, expert support

Gateways share the challenge of building a highly specialized product with a small development team. The creation of the SGCI was motivated by our conversations with gateway creators like you who said, “If only I could have talked to a software licensing expert” or “I wish I knew that someone had already figured out how to connect to this resource.” Rarely does a project have the resources or connections to staff their team with every type of expertise that they need.

The consulting services provided by SGCI are meant to fill the inevitable gaps between your desired outcome and the reality of your team’s experience, while building your own staff’s knowledge and abilities. To this end, we offer short-term and long-term engagements with our team members. This is an opportunity to talk and work with people who have seen common needs and challenges across diverse domains and gateways.

  • "Ask an expert" to get your "lightweight" questions answered through an hour, a day, or several days of readily available consulting help.

  • Hands-on development consultants can build a functional portion of your gateway, providing one to twelve months of support from a quarter-time staff developer based in our Extended Developer Support area.

  • Experts with knowledge about specialized topics relevant to the development of gateways and websites — from start to operations — are based in our Incubator area. They are available for short-term consultations to provide support in three areas: technology advice, business planning, and user satisfaction, such as usability and community engagement.

  • If you want to grow a group of gateway-building specialists on your own campus to serve multiple research and education gateway projects, we can share the strategies used by existing campus centers of excellence.

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