Gateways help solve the mysteries of the universe. For example, Galaxy Zoo enlisted non-scientists to help categorize astronomical images, whereas LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) captures signals from distant universes. (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Addressing software sustainability on your campus

Is your campus seeing an increasing number of research projects that include web-based applications? Does each group have to hire developers independently? 

This can be time consuming and inefficient, but there is a solution. Creating a central pool of expertise on your campus offers many benefits including: 

For a taste of what you can expect from a consultation or webinar, read this blog post by Sandra Gesing about her visit to Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Learn how one university department is working toward developing a campus gateway group to ensure that science gateway projects on their campus can be served more effectively, efficiently, reliably, and economically.

  • Great visibility for the institution’s research activities
  • Synergy between projects
  • Shared resources, costs, and expertise across departments
  • Expertise that is otherwise difficult for individual projects to obtain
  • Lower learning curves
  • Ability to retain top-quality research computing support by providing interesting projects

We can provide

  • Supplemental expertise where you don’t have it
  • Support for your journey to creating a campus-based development group
  • Ongoing advice based on the strategies of campuses who have successfully created their own groups

Submit an application to request a free consultation, webinar, or on-campus visit to start your path toward sustainable gateway development. If you have question about this program, email

Learn more about sustainability via on-campus groups by watching the presentation that Sandra made at the Gateways 2017 conference.


We have even more detail and interesting insights from this XSEDE Campus Champions Tech Talk.


Download our Campus-based Gateway Development Groups flyer.