A program to support those who would like to promote gateways for research and education—bridging the gaps for communities to accelerate their research and teaching

The last opportunity to apply for the Science Ambassadors program was June 30, 2021. Inquiries about remaining funding opportunities should be directed to help@sciencegateways.org.

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Calling all researchers and educators! Are you interested in...

  • Sharing with others how the use of a gateway has changed your work?

  • Training others on the use of your gateway of choice?

  • Presenting your experience of using a gateway for education?

COVID-19 is changing the ways we communicate about our science. Given that current outreach to communities is being done virtually or via publications, the SGCI has redesigned the Science Ambassadors program.

Funding is available to scientists who have an appointment or affiliation with a US university. US scientists studying or working abroad are also eligible for funding.* Each ambassador will receive up to $1000 per year in support. Each ambassador can apply for several opportunities (e.g., two virtual conferences) if the total support won’t exceed the maximum of $1000. The following activities and/or fees are supported if publications and presentations describe research or education accomplished via a science gateway and acknowledge SGCI for their support. Ambassador funds (such as publication fees) must be spent by July 31, 2021.

  • Publishing in open-access, high-impact journals or conference proceedings that require a fee to provide open access

  • Presenting at a virtual conference with registration fees

  • Presenting in a face-to-face conference 

  • Providing training to others, virtually or face-to-face. 

SGCI can also help gateway creators with the promotion and implementation of online training sessions for gateways. 

Not sure if you're using a gateway? Read the Wikipedia article or check out our Resource Search.

Ambassadors are selected for a 1-year period and will be featured with a photo, a short bio-sketch, and the funded activities on the SGCI website.

As part of the Science Ambassador role, all ambassadors will

  • Present their gateway-related research/education in the Gateway Ambassador webinar (at most 30 minutes)

  • Introduce the SGCI to members from their community (research domain or gateway users) who would be willing to be interviewed by SGCI (30-45 minutes) about their research/education topic and/or use of science gateways

  • Contribute a blog post (1000-1500 words) to SGCI’s website about their experience 

  • Advise SGCI in one virtual meeting about higher-level gateway needs from a researcher’s or educator’s perspective, as well as potential improvements to the Science Ambassadors program


* Employees of the Federal government (other than NSF) may be utilized as lecturers or staff members on a project and may receive compensation and/or expenses if they obtain prior approval from their agencies to participate, and if services to the project are performed outside their regular working hours or while they are on leave status from official duties. Under no circumstances may NSF employees receive compensation from an NSF-supported project.