Gateway Focus Week brings together a cohort of gateway creators to work together on developing sustainable plans for their gateways


Looking to build a sustainability plan for your gateway? Planning to write your next funding proposal?

Gateway Focus Week helps software and website projects get to the next level.


Focus Week is now a virtual experience.
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Gateway Focus Week is a virtual, two-week intensive workshop for innovative research teams. All disciplines welcome! 

During the Focus Week workshop, teams engage in hands-on activities that help them articulate the value of their work to key stakeholders. Participating teams produce a strong development, operations, and sustainability plan with a corresponding pitch deck that includes actionable goals. By working closely across teams, participants have the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences and challenges. Teams also learn how to access consultations, engagement opportunities, and other resources from the SGCI.

Focus Week is offered once a year and is subsidized by the National Science Foundation. This allows you to attend what would otherwise be a $2,500 per team event at no cost

You’ll leave Focus Week with a flexible toolkit that you can use as your project continues to mature.


Here is a small sampling of the topics we cover (and here are the Focus Week instructors):

  • Napkin Drawing
    Effectively communicate the value of your project through verbal and visual communication.

  • Value Proposition
    Identify the primary value that your project brings to its users and community.

  • Understanding Your Audience & Key Stakeholders
    Explore and assess your audiences and stakeholders to better engage them.

  • Budgeting & Goal Setting
    Use impact-driven goals to begin developing a budget and financial forecast

  • Sales & Marketing
    Learn principles of sales and marketing, and how to develop a plan to connect with your target audience and promote your gateway.

  • Usability
    Plan and conduct an informal usability test. Derive actionable insights.


There are two ways that you can participate in a virtual Focus Week.

1. Apply and attend the full workshop. Seats are limited! 
Participants who apply for and attend the full program will enjoy: 

  • Direct feedback from course instructors and other gateway leaders in group sessions
  • Participation in the final “pitch” session, to get feedback on your pitch
  • Follow-up from our team to see how you are progressing toward your goals
  • Joining the growing list of alumni who have benefited from attending this program!  

For those who are planning to use the program to actively develop a sustainability strategy that they can put into action in the near term, this version of the program will be the most impactful.

2. Attend sessions “a la carte”

Participants are welcome to attend the sessions that interest them. However, you won’t have access to personalized instructor feedback.

This is a good alternative to those with limited availability.


The main sessions occur from 12-1:30 pm ET with some group feedback sessions following the main presentations.

  • Monday: Introduction to Sustainability & Value Proposition
  • Tuesday: Market Landscape
  • Wednesday: Understanding Your Audience
  • Thursday: Value Proposition Redefined
  • Monday: Goal Setting & Budgeting
  • Tuesday: Revenue Models
  • Wednesday: Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Thursday: Sustainability Strategy “Pitch”


We also offer a mini-course that focuses solely on practical and effective steps for developing a sustainability strategy. Learn more about Jumpstart Your Sustainability Plan.


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Read about successes
from the first
virtual Focus Week


“Before coming to the SGCI Bootcamp [Focus Week], I only had a limited perspective on our gateway from the host institution stakeholder point of view. Taking the time to be fully present during the Bootcamp [Focus Week] to work with my teammate on our project opened my eyes to the real impact our gateway could have, the broader impact we can make in our community, and the opportunities and actions that are low hanging fruit to tackle in the next three months.”

Erin Robinson
Executive Director
ESIP Data Management Training