A community program to spread information about and resources for building gateways

About the Gateway Ambassadors Program

What is the Gateway Ambassadors Program?

The Gateway Ambassadors Program was created by the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) to create a network of campus representatives who could share information about gateways with others on their campuses. These Ambassadors may do any or all of the following:

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  • Educate faculty and other people on campus about the concept of gateways
  • Connect gateway creators with useful resources and helpful people on their campus
  • Point interested individuals toward services and resources available at SGCI
  • Create a local network of interested individuals on their own campuses

This program helps Gateway Ambassadors by offering materials, ideas, and opportunities to connect with other Gateway Ambassadors. As we grow this program, we welcome your input about what other ways we can support you.

What is a Gateway Ambassador?

Being part of a community that raises awareness on how gateways will enhance research and teaching will help me to provide better services to my university and the Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing consortium.
— Thomas Hauser, Director of Research Computing, University of Colorado Boulder

Gateway Ambassadors serve as community builders, making connections between people, experts, and resources. Activities might include:

  • Hosting awareness sessions for their local institution's researchers, educators, students, scholars and administrators about gateways.
  • Meeting with individuals on their campuses who are eager to learn more.
  • Learning from peers by participating in periodic webinars or face-to-face meetings at conferences.
  • Sharing information through the Gateway Ambassadors community email list.

How do I become a Gateway Ambassador?

We encourage Gateway Ambassadors to let us know your interest, join our email community, and browse our resources. There is no cost to join.

Get started with our Gateway Ambassadors Toolkit.

Collaborating people

About Gateways on Campuses

Why people care about gateways

Gateways offer benefits for both organizations and individuals.

  • Great visibility for the institution’s research or education activities
  • Efficient solutions for computational or other technologically advanced research activities.
  • Increased usability of complex research or education infrastructures
  • Greater reproducibility of research

Why gateway projects on campuses need you

Gateway creators are experts in their field, but they must draw on a diversity of expertise and skills to build and sustain an effective gateway. Often, they don't know where to begin. Moreover, the time pressure and inherent isolation associated with creating a gateway creates hurdles for gateway creators that Gateway Ambassadors are in a unique position to support. Read more about these challenges.

Do you have more questions about this program? Do you have suggestions to improve this information? Email help@sciencegateways.org.

Reduce the hurdles of creating and sustaining gateways by serving your campus community as a Gateway Ambassador!

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