A gathering where programmers collaboratively code in an extreme manner over a short period of time.


2019 saw three days of science gateway hacking with some of the best programmers in the field!

In conjunction with PEARC19 in Chicago, SGCI sponsored a Hackathon to challenge up-and-coming programmers for tomorrow's science gateways. Undergraduate and graduate students competed on gateway projects established by SGCI partners and community members.

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The competition took place from Sunday, July 28, to Wednesday, July 31, in the Hyatt Regency Chicago where the PEARC19 conference was held. Final awards were announced on Thursday, August 1.

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Hackathon YouTube Videos


JAMS1stJAMS Distant Reader

Jaili Cheng

Aarushi Bisht

Shivam Rastogi

Mel Mashiku

Cloud2ndProton Job Pack by Cloud Busters

Michaud Reyna
John Senegal
Pablo Calix
Josselyn Salgado



We are building a web interface to both monitor & submit HPC job scripts (specifically MPI for our project) to an intel powered cluster using Cloudy Cluster via Google Cloud Platform so that scientists can focus on their specific discipline thus lowering the technical boundary of interaction with HPC environments.

GOATGraphic Observation and Analysis Tool (G.O.A.T.)

Kevin Benton Jr.

Edsel Norwood

Walter Asbell

Derek Morris Jr.


Create an efficient way for a scientist to observe and analyze not only the entire image stack but also the data within each individual user-selected area.

Llama FarmersLlama Farmers

Andrea Dumalagan

Jenny Zhao

Eliza Foran

Alan Nguyen


Create a new visualization gateway, COSMIC2, to display and manipulate image stacks for Biological purposes, such as image data from cryo-electron microscopy.


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