Gateways 2016 introduced undergraduate Joel Gonzalez-Santiago to the work of nanoHUB, presented by Lynn Zentner of Purdue University, and led to an internship.

Hands-on work experiences for undergraduate and graduate students

Our Workforce Development team offers eight-week summer internships for students interested in developing their gateway development skills. Participants are placed at one of the seven universities that form the SGCI partnership, or a specific site can be suggested by an SGCI client, partner, or others who are interested in hosting a student intern.

Eligible applicants include graduate students majoring in computer science or computer engineering (or related fields) at any level and undergraduates majoring in computer science or computer engineering (or related fields) who have completed their junior year and who demonstrate strong programming and software engineering skills.

Participants receive a stipend, plus housing and transportation. Interns are required to attend the annual Gateways conference, for which Workforce Development provides funding. Attending the PEARC conference is recommended, but not required. Funding is provided by Workforce Development to interns who decide to attend.

Learn more about the internship opportunity by reading these blog posts written by some of the students who worked as SGCI interns during the summer of 2018:

Summer 2019 Gateway Development Internships

Our application form is typically available in January or February each year and closes in April or May.

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Usability Internships at Purdue University

Additionally, our Incubator offers internship positions for master’s-level students concentrating in usability and user experience design at Purdue University. This internship gives students based at Purdue the opportunity to conduct usability evaluations of gateway projects located anywhere in the US. Interns are hired and supervised by Dr. Paul Parsons, Assistant Professor in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. For more information, please email