Gateways 2016 introduced undergraduate Joel Gonzalez-Santiago to the work of nanoHUB, presented by Lynn Zentner of Purdue University, and led to an internship.

2019 Interns 2019 Interns

Dezirea Boore
Purdue HUBzero Super Group
Dr. Jack Smith, Dr. Erica Harvey

Hello, my name is Dezirea. I am a first time intern with the Science Gateways Community Institute. I plan to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Cyber Security at Fairmont State University. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity of interning at SGCI.

Over the summer I have been working on the development of a HUBzero Super Group to manage student internship opportunities for the First2 Network, including a discussion forum, a place to share internship experiences, and a badging system to encourage, track and reward student engagement toward a STEM career.

Yu-Chuan Chen
Purdue University
Dr. Paul Parsons

My name is Yu-Chuan Chen. I am a graduate student at Purdue University focusing on user experience, with a background in Information Management. I have dedicated myself to User Experience, Design, and Marketing. I am always interested in how people think and make decisions, as well as how designers can influence their experience with a little nudge. My academic background helps me explore the answers to these questions.

My undergraduate major in Information Management built my knowledge in marketing, psychology, behavioral finance, system design, and system analysis. It not only allows me to help companies create and promote products to consumers but also enables me to view problems from a comprehensive perspective. In addition, Purdue's UX program enables me to further understand interactions from users' perspectives. I utilize my skills by applying different user research methods and making research-driven design solutions. I enjoy the process of transforming complex requirements into a systematic architecture, with consideration of both customer and staff's needs. I also enjoy enhancing products through fast-paced and iterative processes.

My two-years as a User Experience designer intern at Sinfon Information Technology Corporation helped me develop a great sense of designing where my duty was to build and facilitate the website to be easy to use and learn. I also had the opportunity to function in a variety of work environments as well as collaborate with different employees, which has taught me how to adapt to various challenges and new situations.

I believe that products can be brought into full play only when people successfully interact with them, which motivated me to become a user experience designer. It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to be a usability consultant for the Science Gateways Community Institute. I am eager to make a positive contribution to the team and learn from scientists in various area.

Gilbert Curbelo III
TACC, Austin, Texas
Joe Stubbs

Hello! My name is Gilbert Curbelo and I am working with Joe Stubbs at TACC on the Cloud Computing Team. I am a recent graduate of CSU Monterey Bay, where I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I learned about the program through Maytal Dahan and was super stoked when she recommended me. 

Over the summer, my project will focus on testing SSH -- primarily looking at its scalability. What we find will be added onto their prior research and will form a paper that will be submitted to a bench conference. I hope to learn a lot and expand my computer science knowledge.

Brandon Dentler
Purdue University
Dr. Paul Parsons

My name is Brandon Dentler. I am currently a junior at Purdue University and in my second year of User Experience Design within the Polytechnic Institute. I am planning on getting a Bachelor’s of Science in User Experience Design with a focus in User Interface design within the video game industry, and am also working toward a certification in Entrepreneurship. I plan to graduate from Purdue University in the Spring of 2021.

Although I have just completed my first semester within the User Experience field, I feel as if I have been exposed to so many techniques and standards I must know. Specifically usability testing. This has been my favorite form of testing I have learned thus far within the program. Also in my first semester, I had the opportunity to work alongside 6 others for a company called Star Behavioral Health Providers (SBHP) to help renovate their site from the ground up. I have learned so much thus far in the field of User Experience and am very excited to learn so much more.

I have also received a great opportunity to work with the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) over the summer. I am very excited to transfer my skills from the classroom into the real world and learn more about how to interact with real clients. I am also excited to be working within the usability and UI side of SGCI and working alongside the scientific community to make their applications work easier and smoother for them. 

Andrea Dumalagan
RCSB PDB, Rutgers University 
Christine Zardecki, Robert Lowe

Hi! My name is Andrea Dumalagan and I am currently a rising senior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers University. Although I am still currently working on my undergrad, I have developed the ability to identify, formulate, and solve complex problems by applying principles of engineering, science, and mathematics, communicate effectively with a large range of audience, and function effectively on a team. 

While my undergraduate degree offers a wide range of opportunities, I have drawn an affinity towards full-stack development. This summer, I have the pleasure of working with Christine Zardecki and Robert Lowe at RCSB PDB, focusing on PDB101 ( The site itself builds off of the Protein Data Bank which holds more than 140,000 structures and its 3D renderings, but, as part of the '101' namesake of PDB101, the website offers itself as a portal for people who want to get started in the subject as well as extended learning. My project involves building a web application that measures the impact of PDB10, specifically, streamlining data pertaining to user engagement with the site's supplementary materials. 

Kaitlin Groothuis
Purdue University
Dr. Paul Parsons

Hello, my name is Kaitlin. I am a returning sophomore in Purdue’s User Experience Design program, working on the usability consulting team of the Science Gateways Community Institute. I plan to obtain minors in Psychology and Foods & Nutrition along with a Bachelor of Science in UX. I am grateful for this opportunity of interning at SGCI.

I am interested in working with communities to design technologies that address local needs: civic design. User research and graphic design are also areas of interest for me, though I hope to have more exposure and a greater understanding of other facets of user experience design.

At Purdue, I have worked with a team improving UEGroup’s youXtools over the course of a semester. UEGroup is a User Experience consultancy that has created its own suite of user testing tools. Through my project-focused education, I have become familiar with methods like heuristic analysis, user interviews, observations, usability testing, diary studies, low and mid-fidelity mockups, wireframes, and more.

During this summer, I am working with the Science Gateways Community Institute as a consultant to improve the reach of STEM resources and education by making websites easier to use.

Andy Guan
University of Maryland, College Park
David Fushman

My name is Andy, and I am a rising senior at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am

currently majoring in Biochemistry and Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics. This is my first year

as an intern for SGCI.

I am interested in working with communities to design technologies that enable users to more

easily analyze and share scientific test results; whether this be within an experimental or medical


This summer, I am working with Prof. David Fushman at the Department of Chemistry and

Biochemistry to make publicly available a web tool that allows users to perform analysis on data

collected from experiments involving nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Specifically, the tool

that we will be focusing on analyzes pseudocontact shifts (PCS). I hope that users will find this

tool useful for interpreting experimental data.

Michaud Reyna
Ohio State University
Alan Chalker, Erick Franz, Morgan Rodge

Michaud Reyna is a senior at Morehouse College, where he is currently working towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This summer, Michaud is interning with the gateways team at the Ohio Supercomputing Center, where he focuses on scalability, accessibility, engagement, and visualization of the facility's resources.


Outside of Michaud's current work obligations he is passionate in mobile app development, backend development, application programming, and new developments concerning the Bitcoin Protocol. In his free time Michaud enjoys reading, playing basketball, and grilling by the pool.

Roseline Shapi
TACC, Austin, Texas
Mike Packard, Joe Stubbs
Hello, My name is Roseline Shapi. I am a rising sophomore at Mississippi Valley State University. I am pursuing studies in Computer Science and Mathematics and I am interested in software development. I am passionate about technology and believe that it is a vital instrument in tackling world problems. Problem-solving fascinates me. Whether it is finding the most elegant way to write a line of code or figuring out the best way to solve a calculus problem, l love the challenge of finding a way and discovering solutions. During this summer, I am working with the Science Gateways Community Institute as an undergraduate researcher at the Texas Advanced Computing Center.

Gregory Sirko
Purdue University
Dr. Paul Parsons

Hello! My name is Gregory Sirko. I am studying in my second year at Purdue University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in User Experience Design. Alongside my primary degree, I am pursuing minors in psychology and anthropology. I work as a research assistant in another space, called the Community-Computer Interaction Lab with Dr. Austin Toombs here at Purdue.

I am interested in user research, particularly in understanding conditions and effects of personal technologies, digital and physical, on humans’ senses of social, mental, and cultural wellbeing. Additional areas that I am concerned with are information architecture and visual design. I hope to understand more meaningful manners of visual and interface design and system presentation to improve information literacy, ease of use, and enjoyment.

Studying within my UX degree here has afforded numerous opportunities to experience rich fast-paced, user-focused projects that one might find working in the field. I have worked in multiple and various phases of UX design and have firsthand experience with user research and testing methods, including (but not limited to): observations, interviews, usability testing, and heuristic analysis. In addition, I have had significant training and practice with sketching and rapid prototyping, including: low, medium, and high-fidelity digital prototypes. Furthermore, creating wireframes, user task flows, and personas are some other noteworthy skills I have been able to develop throughout my studies. I have worked in web and mobile settings.

I now work as a usability consultant with Abbee and Chris through the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI). We consult with members of science communities from different backgrounds, including those who provide and access geospatial mapping, hydrologic data and others. Our work involves analyzing and testing various forms of websites or web applications in order to present feedback and redesign considerations to improve the overall user experience, namely in terms of usability. We make use of methods such as heuristic analysis, usability testing, and cognitive walkthrough.