This Computational Chemistry Workshop introduced students and educators to the SEAGrid gateway.

Our experts share their knowledge in a range of one-day to multi-week workshops

Workforce Development offers workshops and other programs geared toward teaching students and educators about the use or development of science gateways. Some workshops are hosted at national conferences such as ADMI and NOBCChE and our own Gateways conference, while others are offered during the summer.

Each summer, we offer workshops that provide instruction about building and using gateways. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when it is time to apply for these opportunities.

Our Summer 2017 workshops included:

  • The Science and Engineering Applications Grid (SEAGrid) workshop: a three-day computational chemistry program for graduate students, including an opportunity to move your own research project onto the grid. The goal is to empower researchers to easily use scientific applications deployed across a wide range of supercomputers, campus clusters, and computing clouds. SEAGrid features both a powerful desktop client and go-anywhere Web application.
  • A four-week program focused on gateway development for undergraduate students: The workshop covers the core skills needed to be productive in design and maintenance of science gateways. The program will be presented as short tutorials alternated with practical exercises, and all instruction will be done via live coding.

Summer workshops include a weekly stipend plus funding for housing and transportation.