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Special Edition Webinar: Gateway Focus Week—Helping Software and Gateway Projects Get to the Next Level

February 26, 2020

Gateway Focus Week—Helping Software and Gateway Projects Get to the Next Level

Presented by Nancy Maron, Gateway Focus Week Lead Instructor

Looking to build a sustainability plan for your gateway? Planning to write your next funding proposal? Join us for a special edition SGCI webinar, as one of Focus Week's lead instructors, Nancy Maron, shares what is taught during the five-day intensive workshop, previously known as “Science Gateways Bootcamp.” This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Focus Week curriculum and to ask any questions you might have about the workshop.

In 2020 we will be offering the program two times. The application for both sessions is open now! The fist session will be June 1-5 at Columbia University in New York, NY. The second session will be Nov. 30-Dec. 4 at the San Diego Supercomputer Center in La Jolla, CA. 

Focus Week is subsidized by the National Science Foundation. This allows you to attend what would otherwise be a $2,500 per team event at no cost other than travel, hotel, and a few meals. Most lunches and dinners are provided as part of the networking and cohort building activities. 

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Webinar: Lessons Learned from SGCI’s Usability Consulting

February 12, 2020

Lessons Learned from SGCI’s Usability Consulting

Presented by Paul Parsons, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue University, SGCI Usability Consultant, Instructor at Gateway Focus Week

This webinar will provide an overview of lessons learned from usability consulting engagements with more than 15 science gateways over the past three years. Common challenges, usability mistakes, and potential solutions will be identified and discussed. Examples of how specific science gateways have improved their usability will be presented. Attendees will learn a set of best practices that can be used to enhance the usability of their own science gateways.

Resources for doing web usability testing: (the books are good too)

Resources for accessibility with guidelines:

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Webinar: Using Tapis—APIs for Portable, Reproducible High Performance Computing in the Cloud

January 8, 2020

Using Tapis: APIs for Portable, Reproducible High Performance Computing in the Cloud

Presented by Julia Looney, Software Engineer, Cloud & Interactive Computing, and Richard Cardone, Research Engineering/Scientist Associate, Web & Cloud Services, Texas Advanced Computing Center

Part one of a series of webinars providing an introduction to a variety of gateway platforms that can be used for building new gateways. 

This webinar considers the challenges of running computationally intensive and high throughput applications in a reproducible, easy-to-use manner. To reach the widest audience, web-based applications tailored to specific domains provide gateways for different user communities. To avoid duplication of effort, there's a clear need for a middleware layer that mediates between those web applications and backend systems, such as supercomputers, cloud-based clusters, mass storage systems, and databases. Tapis fills this middleware need with a set of authentication, authorization, data transfer, job management, and function execution services that can span multiple data centers and manage batch, interactive, and streaming jobs. This webinar provides an overview of the recently announced, NSF-funded, Tapis project.

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Webinar: How to Support Gateways via Community Building—Join the Gateway Ambassadors

December 11, 2019

How to Support Gateways via Community Building: Join the Gateway Ambassadors

Presented by

  • Sandra GesingAssociate Research Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Computational Scientist, Center for Research Computing, 
    University of Notre Dame
  • Gwen Jacobs, Director of Cyberinfrastructure at University of Hawaii System, Co-Director of UH's Data Science Institute
  • Julian Pistorius, Engineer, Research Computing and founder of ResBaz, University of Arizona
  • Annelie Rugg, Director & Humanities CIO, UCLA

Successful gateways require a diverse set of skills--from software development to sustainability planning to research-domain knowledge. Unfortunately, many researchers and educators are not aware that gateway specialists and mature frameworks are available to help with creating a gateway. To solve this problem, the Gateway Ambassadors Program is building a community of community-builders to spread awareness.

The program's goal is to support Gateway Ambassadors who facilitate gateways by reaching out to their on-campus community, their distributed community, or their networks in general. You can join the program to be a community builder or join simply to stay informed and benefit from our collection of support materials.

This webinar will share some background about this new program and review some of the resources and support materials available through the program. For further inspiration, three panelists will share their experiences with creating unique research computing communities on their campuses.

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Webinar: Conceptualizing a US Research Software Sustainability Institute

November 13, 2019

Conceptualizing  a US Research Software Sustainability Institute

Presented by Daniel S. Katz, Assistant Director for Scientific Software & Applications, NCSA; Research Associate Professor, CS & ECE & iSchool, University of Illinois

This webinar will talk about the need for a US Research Software Sustainability Institute, and the work we have been doing to bring together the community to demonstrate the need for such an institute, and to plan for what an institute ideally would do. We've held a number of workshops, run a survey, ethnographically studied a set of projects, and are planning a trial winter school. Based on these inputs, we're in the process of drafting an institute plan to deliver services to the community, including to gateway developers, and this webinar will discuss this draft plan.

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