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Webinar: Tech Sampler—Lessons learned from using Keycloak and GraphQL in gateways

June 13, 2018

Tech Sampler—Lessons learned from using Keycloak and GraphQL in gateways

Presented by Marcus Christie, Indiana University, and Steven Snyder, Purdue University
Members of the SGCI Extended Developer Support Team

SGCI's Extended Developer Support team works with many different technologies to help gateways build or enhance their services. This webinar features two such technologies: Keycloak and GraphQL.

Keycloak is an Identity and Access Management application that can be used to manage authentication and authorization of users to your gateway. Keycloak is particularly helpful if you need not only to secure access to your frontend but also to secure access to an API backend. Marcus has integrated it with the open-source platform Apace Airavata, described in this Tech Blog.

GraphQL is an alternative to REST services developed at Facebook to support their mobile apps. GraphQL's expressive queries let clients compose operations using the types that have been defined as building blocks, which makes it particularly suitable for gateways that are in rapid development periods or those that aim to support multiple client interfaces to a common data layer. You can read Steve's description of this tool in his Tech Blog.

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