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Authorizing Access to Science Gateway Resources

Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at 1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific

Presented by Jim Basney of NCSA & Trusted CI, Marlon Pierce of Indiana University & SGCI, and Tom Barton of the University of Chicago & Internet2

Data use agreements, controlled-access data sets, and restricted-access scientific instruments are just a few examples of authorization challenges faced by science gateways. There are many options for authenticating science gateway users, but fewer options for implementing complex authorization policies after users log on. The three panelists for this webinar will present their perspectives and experiences with authorization solutions applicable to science gateways.

Every gateway has competition: Identifying, differentiating from, and working with competitors

Wednesday, December 12, 2018, at 1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific

Presented by Juliana Casavan, Entrepreneurial Programs Manager at the Purdue Foundry and SGCI's Science Gateways Bootcamp Instructor

Every product, service, or project has competitors, but how do you identify them? Do you need to worry about competitors or maybe collaborate with them? During this session, we will first identify your audience so that you can consider your competitors from their perspective. We will then talk about how to identify competitors and find your differentiators. We will also discuss how to consider collaboration and the benefits of working with your competitors.