2020 SGCI Hackathon

hack-a-thon /ˈhakəˌTHän/
A gathering where programmers collaboratively code in an extreme manner, over a short span of time.


In conjunction with PEARC20 SGCI sponsored a virtual Hackathon to challenge up-and-coming programmers for tomorrow's science gateways.

Undergraduate and graduate students competed on gateway projects established by SGCI partners and community members.

The competition took place from Monday, July 27 to Thursday, July 30. Final awards were announced on Thursday, July 30.

Hackathon YouTube Videos


Nia Blake
Christian Thomas
Gabrielle Toutin
Chase Busacker

Helping parents protect their children from COVID-19

Three AmigosPresentation Award ImageThree Amigos

Daniel Lamb
Kellen Hill
Colton Grainger

Interactive Viz

DeltaTeam Delta

Steven Galloway II
Ronesha Shaw
La'Andrea Gates

Interactive Community Gateway

Charlies Angels

Charlie’s Angels 

Helena Coker
Najm Mohamed
Cesar Monsalud III
Hector Santiago III



SGCI PEARC20 Hackathon Schedule

Pre-event Activities

Mentor Pre-event Prep call 7/21/20 Mentor Pre-event Overview call 7/23/20

Event Schedule

Monday, July 27

  • Kickoff Meeting (Slides)
  • Ethics
  • Schedule
  • Google Project Setup Boyd Wilson
  • Team Pointers and Announcements
  • Active Hacking Picture (Individual) [Prize] - Winner Lena Coker
  • Intel Speaker Tom Krueger - Slides
  • Project Introductions and Goals by the teams [Prize] - Winner Team Charlies Angels

Tuesday, July 28

  • Status Checkpoint
  • Lego@HackHPC Picture (Individual) [Prize] - Winner Lena Coker
  • Cloudy Cluster Overview Boyd Wilson
  • Status Checkpoint [Prize] - Winner Team Amigos
  • Virtual Background Challenge (Individual) [Prize] - Winner Daniel Lamb

Wednesday, July 29

  • Final Presentations
  • People’s Choice Award Opens
  • Post Survey
  • YouTube Live Stream

Thursday, July 30

  • Awards Ceremony
Hackathon 2020
Hackathon 2020
Hackathon 2020
Hackathon 2020
Hackathon 2020
Hackathon 2020
Hackathon 2020
Hackathon 2020
Hackathon 2020
Hackathon 2020