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Informational Webinar on the Comet HPC system – 2/15/17

The San Diego Supercomputer Center is hosting an informational webinar on the Comet HPC system on February 15, at 11am PDT. Comet was uniquely designed to serve the long tail of science, and provides special features and operational policies that are tailored to those users who run modest scale computing jobs, or are interested in building science gateways on behalf of their community. Additionally, Comet’s high performance virtual cluster capability provides an option for groups that have distinct software requirements that do not fit well with the one-size-fits-all stack found on most clusters. This webinar will provide an overview of the Comet system and user environment, descriptions of the special features that make it well-suited for long tail computing, and give information on gaining rapid access to the system. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions from members of the Comet project team.

Registration for the webinar is here:

Additional information on Comet is available at the XSEDE site: