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“Cybersecurity Program for Small Projects” Webinar Presented by CTSC – 2/27/17

Members of the CTSC team will present the talk “Cybersecurity Program for Small Projects” on February 27th at 11 am (EDT). The presenters are Susan Sons, Craig Jackson, and Bob Cowles (speaker info).

Based on CTSC’s cybersecurity program development guide (, this webinar addresses practical information security tasks for small and medium science projects. The NSF CCoE’s work spans the full range of NSF-funded projects and facilities, and cybersecurity is certainly not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

Some of the topics covered include:
· Cybersecurity’s relevance to science projects.
· The complexity and scope of cybersecurity, and how cybersecurity programs can help you cope with that complexity (and protect your science).
· A handful of “must-do” (and doable!) action items.

This session is appropriate for principal investigators, program officers, IT professionals in research and higher education, research facility managers, and security professionals interested in information security approaches tailored to particular communities. It is not a detailed technical training. There will be significant opportunities for Q&A.

For more information about this presentation, or to register, please visit this page.