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figshare Webinars in November

Data Discovery, Data FAIRport, and the Importance of Free, Open APIs in RDM Infrastructure
15th November, 11am EST

The Data FAIRport initiative, was formed to set up “Guiding Principles” for FAIR data publishing and support the ‘products’ of research, focusing on principles for the Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability of research data. This webinar will outline the FAIR principles themselves and highlight how at figshare, we aim to make the content on our platform available to any human or computer searching for academic data through any system. The hope is this will help collate research and allow easier combining of results from different groups across different projects. With academic trending towards becoming more computational across all disciplines, there is a fantastic opportunity to get more credit for all research outputs, not just the final publication, and allow researchers to build off research that came before them.

Expanding figshare metadata with figmeta
30th November, 11am EST

One of the challenges for the progression of research metadata standards is that technology often gets in the way. Bound by the pressure not to be weighed down by technical debt, and the desire to appeal to as broader an audience as possible, the adoption of metadata standards within technology platforms is conservative.

Ideally, this is not how things should be. The adoption of standards and practices should be community led, with technology functioning as the enabler. Figmeta showcases one attempt to move closer towards this goal by semantically enabling figshare as a basis for rapid ontology development and adoption.

If the times don’t suit you, sign up and figshare will email you a recording.