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10th International Workshop on Science Gateways—Edinburgh, Scotland June 13-15, 2018

The International Workshop on Science Gateways (IWSG) will return to Edinburgh, Scotland for its 10th anniversary and will take place June 13-15, 2018. The workshop will bring together researchers and scientists from different research domains, along with developers, to discuss problems and solutions in the area, to identify new issues, to shape future directions for research, foster the exchange of ideas, standards, and common requirements, and push towards the wider adoption of science gateways, virtual research environments, and virtual labs.


Applications for co-located events are open until January 31, 2018, and submissions of papers and abstracts until March 18, 2018.


SGCI will offer a Mini Science Gateways Bootcamp June 11-12, 2018, colocated with IWSG. Learn more about this opportunity and apply here