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Globus Toolkit End of Support Announcement

Globus would like to assure the community that there are no changes to their ongoing support for the Globus SaaS cloud services at or for the Globus Connect software.

At the end of 2017 Globus will discontinue support for the GridFTP server from source or RPM, GSI-OpenSSH, MyProxy, Globus Toolkit client (includes globus-url-copy), GRAM5, and using X.509 credentials to authenticate users. At the end of 2018, Globus will discontinue maintenance and security patches for these capabilities. For additional information, including a FAQ and who to contact with questions, please see To stay up-to-date with XSEDE’s plans to replace most of these components, please visit and subscribe to the following discussion thread:

Globus is a partner of the SGCI, which means that they provide various forms of training and mentoring to members of our gateways community who use Globus platforms.